Elizabeth CARPENTER (1914-2006)

1. Elizabeth Clarke CARPENTER1,2 was born on 28 November 1914.3 She married William R BRADWELL on 17 August 1935 in Millfield.1,3 She appeared in the census in 1939 in Halstead, Essex.3 The address was: 21 Ridgeway Road. She married William R BRADWELL.1 She died Q4 2006 in Birmingham.2


William R BRADWELL, son of Wiliam Robert BRADWELL (1866-1952) and Mary J DONALDSON (1890-1966), was born on 16 February 1912 in Sunderland.3,4 He appeared in the census in 1939 in Halstead.3 The address was: 21 Ridgeway Road. In 1939 he was a Trainee Land Assistant in Halstead.3 He died Q3 1983 in Birmingham.5


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