Frederick JOSEPH ( - )

1. Frederick JACK P JOSEPH married Ivy E COOK Q4 1942 in Newton Abbot.1


Ivy E COOK, daughter of William COOK (1900-1983) and Maud Mary Harris ARSCOTT (1897-1996), was born Q1 1925 in St Thomas Devon.2 She and Frederick JACK P JOSEPH had the following children:


Patricia A JOSEPH (1945- ). Patricia was born Q2 1945 in Totnes R.D., Devon, England.3

Linda E JOSEPH (1948- ). Linda was born Q2 1948 in Totnes R.D.4

Sara JOSEPH (1954- ). Sara was born Q1 1954 in Totnes R.D.5 She married Peter CAREW-GIBBS Q2 1978 in Crawley.6

Adrian Robert JOSEPH (1967- ). Adrian was born Q4 1967.7 He married Susan C STORY in July 1999 in Teignbridge, Devon.8


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