Ann SUTTON ( - )

1. In 1771 Ann SUTTON1,2 lived in Winkleigh.2 She married John DART in 1771 in Winkleigh.2 She married him on 2 April 1771 in Winkleigh.3


In 1771 John DART1 lived in Kings Nympton.2 He and Ann SUTTON had the following children:


William DART (1781-1861). William was born in 1781 in Kings Nympton.4 He was baptised on 29 September 1782 in Kings Nympton.1 He was born in 1786.5 He was a Mason.6 He married Elizabeth MANNING on 11 January 1805 in Chawleigh, Devon.7 He appeared in the census in 1841 in Chawleigh aged 55.5 The address was: village. He appeared in the census in 1851 in Chawleigh aged 70.4 Widower. William died in 1861 in Chawleigh aged 79.8 He was buried on 24 February 1861 in Chawleigh.8


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