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Jane WESTAWAY (b.c. 1768, bur.1838)


Jane WESTAWAY, Exbourne Parish Church


Spouse: John SHORT, Exbourne Parish Church

1. Jane WESTAWAY,1,2 daughter of Mark WESTAWAY (bap.1736, bur.1789) and Elizabeth PARR (bap.1739), was born circa 1768.3 She was baptised on 12 June 1768 in Broadwoodkelly.4 She married John SHORT on 1 July 1790 in Exbourne Devon.2 She was buried on 22 February 1838 in Exbourne Devon.3 The address was: Anglican Church.


John SHORT,1 son of William SHORT ( - ) and Mary NEWCOMBE ( - ), was born circa 1764 in Exbourne.5,6 The address was: Anglican Church. He was baptised on 28 October 1764 in Exbourne Devon.7 He appeared in the census in 1841 in Exbourne Devon aged 75.8 widower/farm labourer living with daughter. John was a Labourer.6 He died in 1844 in Exbourne Devon. He was buried on 16 May 1844 in Exbourne Devon.5 He and Jane WESTAWAY had the following children:


Maria SHORT (b.c. 1807, bur.1892). Maria was born circa 1807.8 She was baptised on 24 April 1808 in Exbourne Devon.1 She married William HORN on 12 November 1826 in Exbourne Devon.9 She appeared in the census in 1841 in Exbourne Devon aged 34.8 The address was: village. She married Joseph SOPER on 10 October 1848 in Exbourne Devon.6 She appeared in the census in 1871 in Exbourne Devon aged 65.10 The address was: Back Street. She appeared in the census in 1881 in Exbourne Devon aged 73. The address was: back Street. In 1881 she was an Annuitant in Exbourne Devon aged 73.11 The address was: back Street. In receipt of money due to incapabity to work. Maria appeared in the census in 1891 in Exbourne Devon aged 83.12 The address was: back Street. She was buried on 11 September 1892 in Exeter.13 The address was: St Thomas.

Second Generation

2. Mark WESTAWAY,4 son of William WESTAWAY and Alice NETHERWAY, was baptised on 11 May 1736 in Sampford Courtenay.14 He married Elizabeth PARR on 19 October 1763 in Broadwoodkelly.15 He was buried on 13 July 1789 in Broadwoodkelly.16


3. Elizabeth PARR,15 daughter of John PARR and Elizabeth COURTICE, was baptised on 31 January 1739 in Broadwoodkelly.17 There was an older sibling also called Elizabeth born 1731 died 1734. She and Mark WESTAWAY had the following children:



Jane WESTAWAY (b.c. 1768, bur.1838)

Third Generation

4. William WESTAWAY14 married Alice NETHERWAY on 2 January 1728 in Exeter.18


5. Alice NETHERWAY14,18 has few details recorded about her. She and William WESTAWAY had the following children:



Mark WESTAWAY (bap.1736, bur.1789)


6. John PARR17,19 married Elizabeth COURTICE in September 1726 in Broadwoodkelly.20


7. In 1726 Elizabeth COURTICE17,19,20 lived in Burrington.20 She was buried on 24 December 1786 in Broadwoodkelly.21 She and John PARR had the following children:



Elizabeth PARR (bap.1739)

John PARR (1727- ). John was born in 1727. He was baptised on 7 November 1727 in Broadwoodkelly.22

Gregory PARR (1734- ). Gregory was born in 1734. He was baptised on 4 November 1734 in Broadwoodkelly.23

Henry PARR (1737- ). Henry was born in 1737. He was baptised on 10 May 1737 in Broadwoodkelly.24

William PARR (1737- ). William was born in 1737. He was baptised on 4 November 1737 in Broadwoodkelly.25

Joan PARR (1743- ). Joan was born in 1743. She was baptised on 12 May 1743 in Broadwoodkelly.26

Wilmot PARR (b.1746, bur.1750). Wilmot was born in 1746. She was baptised on 19 March 1746 in Broadwoodkelly.27 She was buried on 5 August 1750.


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