Elizabeth FRYER (1766-1828)

1. Elizabeth FRYER1,2 was born in 1766.3 She married Thomas METCALFE on 12 June 1796 in Kirby Malzeard.2 She died in 1828 in Kirby Malzeard aged 62.3 She was buried on 8 February 1828 in Kirby Malzeard.3


Thomas METCALFE1 and Elizabeth FRYER had the following children:


Ellen METCALF (1796-1875). Ellen was born in 1796 in Kirby Malzeard.4 She was baptised on 29 October 1796 in Kirby Malzeard.1 She married Edward THORP on 23 November 1820 in Leeds.5 The address was: St Peters. She appeared in the census in 1851 in Warthermask, Bedale aged 54.4 She died on 21 March 1875 in Masham aged 78.6,7 She was buried on 24 March 1875 in Masham.6


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