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Richard COOKE (bap.1751, d.1813)


Richard COOKE, Zeal Monachorum Church


Spouse: Elizabeth JEFFERY, Zeal Monachorum Church

1. Richard COOKE,1 son of Richard COOKE ( - ) and Margery GOSS ( - ), was baptised on 4 November 1751 in Nymet Rowland.2 He married Elizabeth JEFFERY on 26 February 1781 in Zeal Monachorum.3 He died in 1813 in Zeal Monachorum aged 61.4 He was buried on 11 February 1813 in Zeal Monachorum.4


Elizabeth JEFFERY,1,3 daughter of John JEFFERY (bap.1716) and Elizabeth HEARD (bap.1720), was born in 1758 in Zeal Monachorum.5,6 She was baptised on 1 October 1758 in Zeal Monachorum.6 She died in 1825 in Zeal Monachorum aged 66. She was buried on 13 April 1825 in Zeal Monachorum.5 She and Richard COOKE had the following children:


Joseph COOKE (b.1796, bur.1868). Joseph was born in 1796 in Zeal Monachorum.1,7 He was baptised on 30 March 1796 in Zeal Monachorum.1 He married Elizabeth PERKIN on 5 September 1824 in Burrington.8 In 1838 he was a Blacksmith in Burrington.7,9 The address was: Weeks Cross. He appeared in the census in 1841 in Burrington, South Molton aged 35.10 The address was: Parrington Cottage. In 1841 he was a Smith aged 35.10 He appeared in the census in 1851 in Burrington aged 54.7 The address was: Cleavedown End. In 1851 he was a Blacksmith.7 He appeared in the census in 1861 in Burrington aged 65.11 The address was: 8 Fore Street. He was buried on 14 July 1868 in Burrington.12

Frances COOKE (bap.1798). Frances was baptised on 21 September 1798 in Zeal Monachorum.13

John COOKE (bap.1803, d.1824). John was baptised on 14 April 1803 in Zeal Monachorum.14 He died in 1824 aged 21.15 He was buried on 28 September 1824 in Zeal Monachorum.15

Grace COOKE (bap.1794). Grace was baptised on 28 April 1794 in Zeal Monachorum.16 She married Richard PIKE on 16 October 1810 in Chawleigh, Devon.17

Richard COOKE (bap.1792, d.1870). Richard was baptised on 29 January 1792 in Zeal Monachorum.18 He married Ann DART on 14 October 1833 in Zeal Monachorum.19 He died Q1 1870 in Crediton, Devon aged 79.20 Evidence for this is not conclusive.

Elizabeth COOKE (bap.1783). Elizabeth was baptised on 1 February 1783 in Zeal Monachorum.21 She married Simon BROOKS on 17 May 1807 in Zeal Monachorum.22

Second Generation

2. Richard COOKE2 married Margery GOSS on 27 January 1741 in Nymet Rowland.23


3. Margery GOSS2,23 has few details recorded about her. She and Richard COOKE had the following children:



Richard COOKE (bap.1751, d.1813)

Elizabeth COOKE (bap.1744). Elizabeth was baptised on 21 August 1744 in Nymet Rowland.24

John COOKE (bap.1758). John was baptised on 30 April 1758 in Nymet Rowland.25

Mary COOKE (bap.1748). Mary was baptised on 28 June 1748 in Nymet Rowland.26

Susanna COOKE (bap.1742). Susanna was baptised on 20 April 1742 in Nymet Rowland.27

Thomas COOKE (bap.1754). Thomas was baptised on 14 October 1754 in Nymet Rowland.28

Wilmot COOKE (bap.1761). Wilmot was baptised on 18 February 1761 in Nymet Rowland.29


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